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Guild launches video to mark 60 years at All-Ireland AGM

The Guild of Agricultural Journalists has launched a commemorative video to celebrate 60 years since its founding at the 2021 All-Ireland AGM on 19 August. Sponsored by FBD, the video features well-known agricultural communicators from across the island who have played key roles in the forming of the Guild and its continued success.

Opening with Michael Miley, former southern section chair and All-Ireland president, the 20 minute video brings viewers on a journey across the rich landscape of Irish agricultural journalism and important role the Guild has played within the industry.

Speaking at the unveiling of the video to members during the Guild’s All-Ireland AGM, southern section chair, Amy Forde, explained the importance of what has been captured on video.  “To mark the 60th anniversary of the Guild, we decided to commission a video looking back at the six decades of the Guild’s existence. We have captured a range of views from members from the northern and southern sections and I think it is something that will stand to the Guild in the future.”

“I would like to thank FBD for their sponsorship and seeing the importance of creating such a video and for their ongoing support throughout the years,” she added.

Reflecting on the state of agriculture in the 1990s, Mairead McGuinness, former southern section chair and current European Commissioner for Financial Stability, Financial Services and the Capital Markets Union highlights the importance of having farmers’ voices heard and the role agricultural media play.

New era of news

Moving into present day media and the news cycle, former All-Ireland president, Michael Miley, acknowledges the dramatic change in how we receive and process information.

Commenting on this new era of news, northern section chair Rachel Martin said, “In an era where we hear terms like ‘fake news’ in common use, independent, original journalism has never been more important, and that carries across to agriculture – one of our most important industries. The industry has several significant challenges facing it in the decades ahead with pressure over subsidies and emissions, so it is crucial both farmers and the public are kept well informed through commentary and analysis from professional agricultural journalists.”

The video not only reflects on the founding of the Guild with interviews from Guild founder Larry Sheedy and fellow former president of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists, David Markey, but it also looks to the future of the Guild with its strong female leadership and the important role it plays for up-and-coming journalists looking to network and understand the industry more with reflections from former southern section chair Ciara Leahy and former northern secretary Michele Filippi.

All-Ireland president Richard Halloran noted, “Guild members have been to the fore in both telling and shaping the story of how agriculture in Ireland has developed over the past 60 years. Our membership has never been more vibrant. All of this bodes tremendously well for the future.”

You can watch the full video here:

Participants in the video

The Guild wishes to thank all those who participated in the 60th anniversary video:

Michael Miley, former southern section chair and All-Ireland president

Larry Sheedy, a founder of the Guild, its first secretary and former IFAJ president

Mairead McGuinness, former southern section chair

David Markey, former southern section chair, president and IFAJ president

Damien O’Reilly, former southern section chair

Amy Forde, southern section chair

Ciara Leahy, former southern section chair

Richard Halloran, All-Ireland president and former northern chair

Michele Filippi, former northern secretary

Brian Donaldson, former northern chair and All-Ireland president

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